The Concept

Masterbeast back cover

I practically grew up on The Dark Side of the Moon, so it's been a lifelong dream of mine to make my own concept album.

All that was missing was the concept.

And then, one day, a favorite film of mine happened to impinge on my consciousness at the exact moment that something dramatic happened in my life and voila! The concept behind the concept album MasterBeast was born as a semi-biographical, quasi-fantastical and pseudo-allegorical study of what can go wrong with true love.

We all know how hard it can be to make love work, but it's especially hard if your love is doomed by a prophecy right from the word go. So what do you do? Should you fight for love, or just give in to fate? Can you ever win when you're fighting against a prophecy? What if it's not really a prophecy, just a stupid fortune cookie that seems to coincidentally apply to your current love situation? What then? And aren't prophecies of doom for bad guys anyway?

MasterBeast tackles all of these deep issues as it follows the story of Bartholomew Murdy, a hapless, hopeless romantic who falls head over heels in love with Tawny, a tawny-haired temptress he meets in a nightclub. The album tells the tale of his attempts to cement what he knows could be a true and everlasting love over the course of three fateful dates and full in the face of a prophecy he finds in a fortune cookie on the night he and Tawny meet: