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Lyrical Philosophy

I have always found myself frustrated by bands that don't publish the lyrics to their songs. What are they trying to hide? Or do they just not care about the comprehension of their fans? Or did they make it up while they were recording and never wrote it down and even they aren't sure what they really said?

Whatever the case, I feel that lyrics are like the poetry of the gods and it is totally uncool to find out, after years of singing "Looks like tomatoes!" that the actual lyrics are "Looks like we made it!"

Because of this, and my deep compassion and love of the fans of MasterBeast, the band and I have committed to putting all the lyrics to the songs on this site so you can sing along with confidence and so that professors of music, poetry, literature and sociology can use them to help facilitate discussion in their classes.

So, simply select one of the songs from the LYRICS menu, and enjoy the full linguistic complexity, dark symbolism and forlorn majesty of your favorite MASTERBEAST songs!