What if you had a magical superpower...
and it hated your guts?

The Helm TPB Cover


"Practice thy swordplay in full armor."

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Named one of the top ten "Great Graphic Novels for Teens" by YALSA!

American Library Association



"I laughed, I cried, I winced, I waltzed, it became a part of me! I think it's peaches!"

Harlan Ellison

"This is the greatest superhero in the Dark Horse universe!"

Geeks Like Us

"This book is truly one of the funniest I've read ever."

Dante Maddox, Crave Online

"Our favorite character ever-Mathew Blurdy aka the Valhalladrim"


"The Helm can be summed up in one word, FUN!"

Quasar Dragon

"The Helm made me laugh more than any book has in a long while. ...utterly hilarious througout."

Shelf Abuse

"Both hilarious and exciting, this is for all the comic book and fantasy geeks out there and for anyone who ever loved them or hated them."

Guys Lit Wire

Brisingr Blade

This is the official website for The Helm comic series and graphic novel.

Of course, we wanted to get www.thehelm.com, but that site was taken by a cruise line, so here we are. And apparently you found us! Good work!

Check out our latest pages: CHEWBACCA, where Mathew posts mashup images of his favorite character, Chewbacca, and BIOS, where you can find pictures and deeply personal information about people who worked on The Helm...just in case you want to stalk them or something...

Visit THE FLAMING SWORD, a review site where Mathew and the Helm praise/slam books, movies, TV, music, games or whatever!

Visit THE HELM SPEAKS for daily words of wisdom as only the Helm can deliver them!

For all the latest about the Helm and upcoming Helm related events, find out on the NEWS page.

Curious what the Helm is like? Check out the first six pages on the PREVIEW page.

Liked the preview? Why not buy the graphic novel at the Helm STORE?

Want a bit more background on the main character, Mathew Blurdy? Explore the MATHEW page.

Looking for insight into what makes a superhero tick? Click on the CHRONICLES page to read Matt's innermost thoughts in his journal.

And of course, you can always read the Helm BLOG and post your own comments!

About the Helm

The Helm is the tale of a lazy video store clerk who finds a magic helmet at a garage sale and is thrust into the job of defending the world against evil. And it's funny. It's an ironic spin on the "destiny" genre that teams veteran artist Bart Sears with comics newcomer Jim Hardison.

You can also check out the HELM'S MYSPACE PAGE, or for lots more fun, check out MATHEW BLURDY'S MYSPACE PAGE, or even become a fan of the Helm on FaceBook!

Comments? Questions? Feedback? Indigestion? Email Jim at jim@thehelmcomic.com