UH... Chewbaccas...I guess...

These are just weird.

Jimmy Choobacca

Jimmy Choobacca

Actually, technically, I guess this should be Bootbacca. Darth Vader is the one who has been mashed up with a Jimmy Choo Black Patent Chicago Ankle Boot, while Chewbacca has been combined with some kind of Ugg knock-off boot. But, and this is critically important, Jimmy Choobacca sounds way better than Jimmy ChooVader, which doesn't even make any sense, and both sound better than Bootbacca, which really feels like reaching. I guess this is what I get for trying to respond to audience suggestions. This suggestion was from Janet--and it was a good one, it's just that there weren't any Jimmy Choo shoes that seemed to lend themselves to the Wookiee treatment. They are all either light, strappy things or shiny.

Incidentally, those Imperial Walker AT-ATs in the background are also wearing Jimmy Choo Black Patent Chicago Ankle Boots. You just can't tell because they sink so far into the snow due to their enormous weight.

Also, I think I need to thank Wayne. He looked at my first rendition of this image and said, "That just looks like a shoe with Darth Vader's helmet stuck on the top." After shedding a few bitter tears, I had to concede that it did look like that, which caused me to add more details and incorporate the whole Hoth snow theme and transform it into the masterpiece you see before you. So, thanks Wayne and thanks Janet.