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This album is still a master-work in progress.

MasterBeast (the band) will post new songs as we get them into listenable form. Please keep in mind that these aren't the final mixes or even, necessarily, the final versions of the songs as they will appear on the album. We may change the instrumentation, the vocals, the lyrics, the sound effects. Who knows? We're posting this stuff by popular demand so that the world can witness the birth of a sonic super-nova and you can get your ears on it and hear it take shape because we are so cool and so deeply committed to our fans.

Lyrics for each song are posted in the Lyrics section, so that you can study them in order to get the full, powerful impact of each finely crafted, artistically chosen word, phrase or line. We may even post notes about what the songs mean, if we have to, but probably not because we don't want to hit anybody over the head with it or anything.

Anyway, plug in your headphones, kick off your shoes and feast your ears on this!